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Make Next Year Your Best Ever

Are just coasting or are you pressing ahead, foot flat to the floor to make this year and next, your best year ever?I’m sat looking at the corporate workers enjoying their lunch break on this cold frosty November lunchtime. Lunchtime happens to most corporate employees between 12:00 & 2:00 and is very ritualistic, in that […]

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Goals: The Biggest Mistake you Can Make

Did you hear about the love struck 30 yr. old man who set a goal to win the girl of his dreams?The love of his life was to be, 30 years, English, single and ideally 5ft 8 inches tall, however he said he would settle for someone between 5ft 4 inches and 5ft 7 inches […]

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Online Business: 5 Key Success Steps

Are you running an online business and suffering from overwhelm, stress and anxiety because of running a business online?Are you attempting to master every aspect of the online technology yourself, feel drained and that it has taken over your life?No doubt you have heard the Internet Marketing Experts who make massive profits running an online […]

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The Customer Journey

The Customer Journey starts with list building and I’d liken that to a dog chasing a car.When the dog catches the car, it stands there puzzled, because it doesn’t know what to do with it! The same is true of your online business. When a prospect visits your website, how are you going to engage […]

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Work To Live Or Live To Work, Which One Are You?

Are you a Freedom Seeker, and  work to live, a Profit Seeker, living to work, or maybe you’re a Job Seeker, seeking fulfilment, happiness and job satisfaction.”The really big question are you achieving any of those or just kidding yourselves?”Most Business Executives, and that means Business Owners and Manager/Directors that I speak with fall into […]

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How to Live a Life of Freedom (work-life balance)

Are you a Business Owner that feels that you are chained to your business and never have the freedom to enjoy life, constantly pursuing work-life balance?Well if so here are 3 tips that every business owner must follow to live the life of Freedom.Freedom Tip #1: ​Hit Your Profit Targets​Why? Because hitting your profit target […]

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3 Drivers To Help You Quit Smoking

Are you a smoker and wants to quit smoking once and for all?I know it’s easy to make excuses like” it helps me to relax and avoid stress”Before I take you through those drivers that will help you quit smoking, just imagine every waking day, smelling the fresh air of the countryside, the warm breeze wafting […]

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3 Tips To Get Started With Project Goals

There are two type of Project Managers, the task focussed Project Manager and the goal focussed one. Which one are you? Why Focus on Project Goals? Goal focussed Project Managers are focused on the outcomes of the project and it is always a challenge to get started with a new way of working, so here […]

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Number 1 Tip For Being a More Efficient Project Manager

Are you one of those Project Managers who is constantly looking for more ways to become more efficient and remove the clutter of unnecessary tasks from your life as a Project Manager? The Spinning Plate Syndrome It’s quite a common place with Project Managers that they experience the “Spinning Plate Syndrome”, you know like the […]

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