​The Personal Breakthrough Programme

You've heard about Life Coaches, NLP and Hypnotherapy and how it can help you transform your life yet you’re stuck in a rut, feeling trapped in an un-fulfilling life, maybe in a toxic relationship or job and want out; you know you can achieve far more yet you feel constrained even in a free-fall downward spiral suffering stress, uncontrollable weight gain, anxiety stress and even illness. You've probably tried many times to end the negativity in your life and get rid of these unwanted habits and behaviours and so far haven’t succeeded. So maybe now is the right time to take action and experience my Personal Breakthrough Programme?

Why The Personal Breakthrough Programme?

Imagine knowing that you can have exactly the life that you want, love and deserve, career that you want, body shape that you want, or maybe to be in the relationship of your dreams, the financial wealth you desire and finally being free of illness, weight problems, fears and phobias, and the toxic emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that you have lived with for so long.

My Personal Breakthrough Programme is designed to give you a whole mind body and soul makeover so that you can be free of the emotional constraints that have held you back for so long and so that you can start living the life of your choice emotionally free and being able turn your hopes and dreams into reality and live life to your full potential.

What is the Personal Breakthrough Programme?

The personal breakthrough programme is as supercharged intense mind, body and soul makeover programme designed specifically around your needs to help make the life changing shifts in your life, remove all of the negative ‘emotional baggage’ that you have built up over the years, fill you with abundant confidence, tools and techniques to achieve all that you desire in your life and your business or career.

How Does The Personal Breakthrough Programme Work?

The Personal Breakthrough works through exposing you to any number of transformational personal breakthrough coaching techniques including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and much more. This programme is designed to enable you to take the transformational steps necessary to eliminate all of your misplaced negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt and an to remove all of your self-limiting decisions and beliefs enabling you to create your future exactly how you want it to be, under my expert coaching and guidance.

The programme is split into three phases:

Phase 1: Tasking

In this phase you’ll be assigned specific tasking designed to uncover your life story and to give me an understanding about how you have got to where you are in your life, the challenges you have faced, the issues that you are dealing with and complete picture of what your dream life looks like.

This phase takes place over a number of weeks with you working remotely and with my expert guidance and support to hand as and when you need it.

Phase 2: Breakthrough

This is a supercharged one day face to face session lasting between six and 8 hours where the core transformation takes place. First, we heal the past; discovering the root cause of your problems and then with you finally letting it go.

Many clients experience transformational change even before the session begins and that transformation starts by you in taking action and making contact with me and booking your free discovery session now.

Then,together we design your future and I teach you a range of incredibly powerful techniques for you to achieve your life goals and create your future how you want it.

Phase 3: Coaching

After the breakthrough session we then move into the coaching phase where you have my support to work with you until you are achieving all of your goals and live the life exactly how you want. You have my commitment to that as long as you continue to take action in the way that we agree.

What If?

Iimagine knowing instinctively right now that you are truly on path to living the life of your dreams, turning your hopes and dreams into real achievable goals; you now know 100% that you can achieve everything that you desire because you are rid of the toxic behaviours and beliefs that in the past have held you back and that you are equipped with the transformational techniques you need right now to achieve your lifelong dreams and live the life you want, love and deserve.

Now you have to make a choice, to either stay stuck where you are and always wonder - what if........ or, drop your details into the form below and book a complimentary discovery session with me (yes it really is free).

It's your life and your choice, so make the right decision, now.