Hi I'm Chris

I'm passionate about dancing, music, living life and helping you to change your future. I love good Italian red wine, coffee and chocolate and spending time with my wife and daughter.

The Reality Check

Have you've reached that point in life when you know you have to change, and yet you haven't a clue what to do?

And, you've realised one thing, that you want a different life.

For some, the change will be massive. It's a complete overall of your life, getting rid of self limiting beliefs, all of the negativity, and mapping out your future, exactly how you want it to be; it's life changing.

Then there is the business owner who isn't getting the results they want and needs to undergo a slight overhaul, even so it's life changing.

Others, will want to make small changes to eliminate bad habits, overcome fears or phobias.

Still change is what I'm about and helping you live the life you want, love and deserve.

The Truth (I've been in your position)

It's true, I've hit rock bottom and found a way back and it's in that discovery and my training, that I'm able to help you.

 Watch my origin story below.

Your Next Action Step

If you want to know more then I offer a free 30 minute Coffee 'n Chat where we can discuss your needs and how I can best help you.