"I've been a Project Manager for over 25 years so I know the challenge that you face, and it never get's any easier!"

Back in the 1990's my manager said to me  "I want you to find out about Structured Project Management".
I replied..."What's that"?
He said..."I don't know, but you're going to find out"!

That conversation has taken my on an incredible journey that has seen me deliver many projects, programmes and set up many Programme Offices. Some were technology based, some totally business focused with little technology.

The one thing you can guarantee though, is that I'm passionate about projects and helping Project Managers overcome the challenges that they face. (Sorry that's two).

However, life hasn't always been like that...

After a successful career as a Musician in the army I moved into IT and Project Management working for Blue Chip FTSE100 companies leading change projects, training and coaching project teams and then in 2004 turning freelance.

In 2009 I hit rock bottom when my life was turned upside down and finding myself with no job, no clients, no money and no prospect of getting back....

And the it all changed again...

I discovered the world of performance management and about how to harness the power of the mind to get the results that we want.

I've had many success and the joy for me, is helping others overcome the challenges that are holding them back

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