Make Next Year Your Best Ever

your best year ever

Are just coasting or are you pressing ahead, foot flat to the floor to make this year and next, your best year ever?

I’m sat looking at the corporate workers enjoying their lunch break on this cold frosty November lunchtime. Lunchtime happens to most corporate employees between 12:00 & 2:00 and is very ritualistic, in that they repeat the same actions day after day. The same is true of the morning and evening, it’s a routine sort of thing and as I know only too well, employees believe their future is dictated by their employer and career choices.

We us small business owners are masters of our destiny, and if you believe otherwise you have a big issue to resolve.

Routine, the devil within.

So, routine is the devil inside of us. Routine leads to boredom and boredom leads to frustration and dissatisfaction. When boredom and dissatisfaction set in its human nature to stop taking action. We all know that when you stop acting, your results suffer adversely. So, its time to spice things up a bit as weak the November sun dissolves in to December and the end of the year beckons.

The One Thing

The one thing we can all do is set a big, hairy mega goal for next year, and I mean a massive goal, you know the sort that when you tell your friends and family, they will tell you that you’re mad.


Because they believe you are destined to fail.

There is No Such Thing as Failure

Now that is one word that want you to remove from your vocabulary, now. There is no such thing a failure!

Now you’re probably wondering how on earth you are going to achieve this massive goal.

Well here is the how:

I’ll show you how to create that massive goal for next year and how you can make it a reality on my Best Year Ever training (it’s free).

On this training I will teach you exactly how to create that plan for the next year and make it your best year ever and, I’ll also teach you how to create a vision for next year, so compelling that not achieving it is not an option, so don’t think about it and just do it, make next year your best ever.

Chris Hallett

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