Online Business: 5 Key Success Steps

Are you running an online business and suffering from overwhelm, stress and anxiety because of running a business online?

Are you attempting to master every aspect of the online technology yourself, feel drained and that it has taken over your life?

No doubt you have heard the Internet Marketing Experts who make massive profits running an online business, and they make it sound so easy. They say:

"Throw up an optin page, build a list, sell an information product and watch the mega bucks roll in; it sounds so easy."

Sadly, there are no get rich quick schemes and more and more online entrepreneurs fall victim of the ‘guru promises’ and suffer, overwhelm and stress with many giving up before the magic happens.

the money is in the list

The Universal Truth

The Money is in your List!

The Universal Truth and preached by the Internet Marketing Experts is that the money is in the list, and it is, or rather it's in the responsiveness of that list. Your list, or community as I refer them, needs help to navigate through the minefield of your system, especially if you are to land the big prize of them becoming one of your high-end coaching clients.
So, what are the steps that you need to take to build a successful online business.

compelling vision

Step #1: Vision

Create a Compelling Vision of the Future

Your compelling vision drives you on and acts as a beacon drawing your forward. Your vision must describe the big outcome that you want in the future; financial independence, retirement. Define what it looks like for you, your business and your community.


Step #2: MindSet

Develop an Achievement MindSet

Your MindSet is the root of your success. Develop an Achievement MindSet that is free from theemotional baggage and the self-imposed constraints that hold you back.
What you can achieve is more about who or what you are than about your technical or professional skills.


Step #3: Set Goals

Create Achievable, repeatable, Goals

Create Achievable, repeatable, Goals that span all areas of your life. More importantly, ensure you have a process that means the achievement of your goals is a foregone conclusion.

Success Systems

Step #3: Success Systems

Define Your Success Systems

Just like a professional athlete knows exactly that they do make the highest or longest jump, run the fastest, throw the furthest, Business owners know that it is they do to be successful. It is their own personal systems that when executed, creates success.

online business

Create the Perfect Customer Journey

Create the Perfect Customer Journey that guides your prospect though to becoming one of your high revenue generating coaching clients. Large department stores and supermarkets have a clear processes with business systems in place that manage the customers journey through the store from the store entrance to the checkout. Every online business should have the same to ensure the Perfect Customer Journey for your prospect.

Success steps

Genius Tip

Create Your Success Steps

One of the best ways to get start right away is break the entire 'cradle to grave' process of planning, launching and running your business online into simple, achievable steps that are designed to end the overwhelm and give you simple, step by steps processes to help you transform your prospect into a high revenue generating customer.


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