Quit Smoking, Banish the fear and Save £3k a year

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​Are you a smoker that really want to quit and are fearful of the change?

Well Sue was too and she saved £3,500 in her first year as a non smoker and she too was fearful of the change.

The Big Fat Quit Smoking Myth

Most smokers are fearful of change and in reality, more fearful of what they might lose, rather than the change itself, it’s a common myth.

What’s stopping you?

On the basis that you smoke 20 a day (which is quite average) over a year, once you quit, you can save over £3,500 per year.

So what’s stopping you quitting now?

Usually smokers have 3 Fears of quitting:

Fear #1: The fear of starting again

fear of change

The Can/Can't Fear

If you’ve quit once before, you’ll know just how hard it can be to quit smoking. Yes sure you want to quit, or do you? And the fear of going through it all again is daunting, however it doesn’t need to be that way.

Fear #2: The Fear of losing face when you quit smoking

losing face

Losing Face

We’ve all been there before. You’ve been persuaded by those around you to take action and quit smoking, and then, as human nature dictates (or so it seems), the past comes back to haunt you and you go back to your old ways. Admitting that you couldn’t stay the course and quit smoking permanently is a tough one, I know!

Fear #3: The fear of stress

Fear of Stress

Fear of Stress

Every smoker I meet admits that smoking helps them to relax.Why?It’s because of the breathing technique used in drawing in the smoke, and then blowing it out.

The big question that smokers often ask is what happens when I quit?

That’s ok as I have that covered with a simple breathing technique that dates back thousands of years.

Beating the Fear (A bonus tip):

take control

Take Control

Just take a piece of paper and make two lists.

List #1, what you will gain when you quit smoking

List #2, what you will lose when you quit smoking

What to do next (start the conversation)

discovery session

We're Open

I know you’ll have many questions about how to quit, what happens during and afterwards and that’s completely ok.

The best way to answer those questions is in a 1-1 Discovery Session with me.

Book Now:


In that session (and it’s free), you can find out more from me about how Hypnotherapy will help you quit and more importantly how it will help you stay a non-smoker.

So what’s stopping you now?

Take Action and book your Free 1-1 Discovery Session with me at www.chris-hallett.com/book-now

p.s. If you smoke more than 20 a day, the savings are even greater

p.p.s It might just save your life.

Chris Hallett

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