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Who is responsible for Stakeholder Engagement on Project?

That is one of the most common claims as to why a project has 'failed' to deliver and a lesson that I learned the hard way.

A Lesson Learned

Some years ago, I learned a hard lesson when an organisation decided that I was no longer required. Like many others in this situation, I played the blame game and laid the root of the problem firmly at their feet.

Help is at Hand

I spoke with a coach and friend who helped me to realise, that I was part of the problem. In pointing the finger, I was highlighting the other side of the problem and, I was playing the ‘blame game’.

Playing the Blame Game; The Downside

When you play the ‘blame game’ you relinquish control of your goals and purpose and live on other people’s agenda.

Is that what you want, and is going to help you achieve your goals?

Of course not!


Because in doing so, you lessen the chance of you achieving your goals and objectives.

The Insane Approach

Einstein once said, “keep doing the same thing expecting a different result is insane”. Of course, you can keep doing the same and as you always have and keep having dis-engaged stakeholders.

What to do instead

So next time you blame your stakeholders for lack of engagement just look at where the other three fingers are pointing, and just for a minute, ask yourself this question.

“What if I took 100% responsibility for that engagement and found a way to  engage my stakeholders fully"?

Is stakeholder engagement on of the causes of delays in your projects?

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