The “Coffee on the Go Trap” (and what to do instead)

coffee on the go

Are you one of the millions caught in the 'coffee on the go' trap?

We've all been there, no time to sit and have a cup of coffee (or whatever your favourite drink); got to get on the road, I'm late, got to go to a meeting, get the kids, go to the gym, rush, rush, rush.

Now there is a whole fuss going on about the damage that disposable cups do to the environment and of course the manufacturers claim that recycling is the real issue.

Let's look at the real issues:

The 8 hour Working Day.

The 8 hour working day came about because this was the biggest break between prayers and holy orders back in pre-medieval times. Even the battle of Agincourt was timed around this 8 hour break.


The workload imposed by some managers is bordering on being negligent. A CEO that I once worked for stated that if you can't do your job in hours, something is seriously wrong.

Task Focus.

​All too often our focus in the detail and minutiae of tasks rather than on strategic goals or objectives.

Conscious Mind Thinking.

We have become conscious thinkers often creating tacks and problems that never occurred; tasks that we ‘think’ need to be done. Our unconscious mind, the one that is responsible for our actions, has become numb and completely disengaged.

Detailed Planning

We have become obsessive planners in such detail that we are creating hundreds of unnecessary tasks that serve no purpose other than to make us look busy.

To-do List Mania

How many times have you seen people with an endless to do list and then they exclaim…I’m so busy!

Doing what?

I sat in a meeting a little over 12 months ago when my manager spoke at length about his long working hours and workload.

“Tell me, when you’re up and working at 5:00 am, just what are you doing”? I asked.


I repeated the question…the answer “email”, and that leads me to the final issue.

The Technology Trap

Technology, both hardware and software was hailed as the saviour to set us free.

Free from what?

It has allowed us to be available 24/7, when we are resting, on holiday, asleep.

What To Do Differently.

Very few people I meet have a plan other than a business or project plan. Here are the 5 key steps that you should take to end this endless pursuit of activity.

  • Create a long-term vision of where you want to go
  • Create Goals in all areas of your life
  • Take regular breaks for lunch
  • Take regular technology breaks
  • Build work around your life

Of course if it was that easy you would be doing it anyway, so a little more help and guidance book a discovery call with me.

Chris Hallett

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